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Why Should You Care About Fast Fashion?

The truth behind non-sustainable fashion or fast fashion is that it is killing the planet faster than we think. When we think about climate change and things like that, we automatically resort to emissions from cars, factories, and pollution. Clothing produces all of these factors. Most trendy clothing these days is made in bulk for a low cost at a factory that produces an insane amount of greenhouse gas. Also, clothing is thrown out as soon as it doesn't fit trends anymore. Even if you donate the clothing to places like Goodwill, the clothes that aren't sold are taken to landfills.

Another issue that is prevalent in fast fashion is how it is produced. Many of the companies that make this clothing resort unethical ways to produce it at such a low price and use sweatshops. Some methods include low wages, unsafe working environments, and even child labor. All of these go against the basic morals of being a good human being.

To learn more about fast fashion and sweatshops, visit these websites:

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