How Can You Help?

This process might seem difficult and maybe impossible, but there are many small ways to start!

The first way is probably the easiest and most simple: shopping second-hand

Consignment Stores

- Pay people for their clothing to put in stores

- These stores will probably have more high-end and vintage clothing

- Price: $$-$$$

Thrift Stores

- Hundreds around Houston

- Will find more variety in clothing

- A lot of clothes to sort through, so it might seem hard to find good pieces

- Hit or miss, but it is a very ethical way to buy clothing

- Many benefits charities

- Price: $


- Apps on the app store are an up and coming way to buy clothing

- Many people sell clothing that they no longer want or fit in

- Depop, Ebay, Etsy, Poshmark, etc.

- Personally one of my favorite ways to shop second hand!

- Price: $-$$$

The second is a more advanced way, but it is an extremely good skill to have: up-cycling

Up-cycling entails changing clothing to fit one's body or style.

- Hemming

- Cropping

- Dyeing

- Sewing

- Taking in sides

- Much more!

In other sections of this website, I will go in-depth on how to do each of these skills!

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